Parenting & Leadership:Respect your Children as well as your Team


Think about the Indian Cricket Team of a few years a ago – a Sachin, a Dravid, a Ganguly, a Laxman and a Sehwag. There is an apocryphal story of Gods coming down to bestow gifts on these talented people.

To Sachin, they gave genius focus, a great coach, a rhyming quality to cricket and his life.

To Dravid, they gave integrate, leadership, ability to think through the game.

To Laxman – they gave a gift of character, bodily grace and wristy talent.

Ganguly was gifted with a killer instinct, power to inspire, an ability to be at ease everywhere.

Out of generosity, Gods ran out of gifts by the time they reached Sehwag. They gazed at him in wonder and embarrassment. They didn’t need to add anything and left him as he was. A vernacular genius in the world of cosmopolitan cricket.

Your kid could be any of these.

Your Team members could be any of these  Rather He would be himself.

Parents play three important roles for kids – Love, Limit and Let them be.

As leaders, it is essential to have a keen eye to spot the strengths and weaknesses of team members. Just as parents should act as gardeners, leaders should act as catalysts to followers.

Leaders should enable, encourage and empower the team. 

Parenting Skills, Leadership Skills, Cricket, Respect, Power to Inspire.


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