Don’t be a Pratyusha, be a Kangana.

Pratyusha & Kangana

A young engineering student who was doing well in academics and co – curricular activities, disappeared suddenly from her Mumbai home, just before her final exams.

No body – parents/friends/college authorities knew the reason of this act.

She had everything going for her – a placement with a reputed IT company, loving parents, fun-loving set of friends, no romantic involvement (according to friends).

In a letter written to her parents, she had mentioned a general disenchantment with the monotony of her life. She had also hinted at disappointing her parents (I don’t know how?)

The young-promising girl was bored with her life.

Newspaper reports are suggesting that IPL needs innovation because people are not hooked to this season due to predictable outcomes of the matches. Viewers are bored of IPL.

The major challenge for online retailing websites is conversion of page viewers into buyers. More than 10% of page viewers spend less than three minutes on the site and perhaps log in to another site for more window shopping. The viewers get bored in minutes.

When I was a child, I don’t remember feeling this feeling. We were so involved in studying, painting, playing, running around, cycling, watching films and so much more.

We were very busy being enthusiastic. We enjoyed playing all outdoor games even in sun because there were less indoor games. We can’t count the innumerable rounds of cards/ludo/carom which kept us busy.

On growing up, there were friends, resumes, interviews, marriage and we marched on. Being so involved in each of these activities, from where the hell do I get time to feel bored?

Times have changed.

Earlier, we could enjoy the slowest test matches too. Now we crave for enjoyable moments in a T20 Match and find it ordinary.

Earlier, getting good grades, a good job with a supporting family was all that we wanted. Now having all this is ordinary.

Earlier we felt excited & happy when we went for a holiday. Now, it is a routine and it doesn’t invoke excitement.

This is the price of privilege that we are paying.

What should we do to get that sense of awe, the feeling of wonder, the child like excitement back in our lives?

Why are we dragging ourselves through our lives despite of having much more of everything than our previous generations?

Why do we feel disheartened so soon? Why have we begun to prefer to hang our boots then to march on?

Let us stop for a while. Let us stop meandering through half-heartedly. Let us ask ourselves – “Why don’t we value ourselves?” “Why don’t we value life?”

If you are bored, admit and say it loud. Don’t run away, be a game changer.

Don’t be a Pratyusha, be a Kangana.