Words speak louder than actions


Don’t get me wrong. I have not misplaced the important words. This is the Indian truth – a “Make in India” version of the popular adage.

Welcome to the land of Smriti Irani, Kanhaiya Kumar, Anupam Kher and many more wordsmiths who have held our nation’s breath.

They have the capacity to make all the important issues look obsolete. Their words, full of a gamut of emotions capture our attention to the extent that we make them heroic for weaving a web of half-baked truths and biased personal opinions.

Why do we love dramatic speeches?

  1. Indians love melodrama. They get involved like a patronizing uncle with anyone who shrieks and shouts, who gets hysterically aggressive, who modulates like a theatre artist and pauses like a philosopher before shedding a tear.

We have been fed inspirational speeches and now we thrive on sensational war of words which takes us nowhere.

Is it possible for us to prioritize issues which need urgent attention, less urgent attention and negligible attention so that media cannot create a new sensation everyday resulting in a collective daily amnesia?

  1. Indians are so eager to speak and talk all the time. Some speak on podiums while others get busy talking about what they spoke from their microphones.

Everyone wants to convey something. No one has willingness to listen. We feel relieved after making a point, no matter how irrelevant.

Execution or action to make a difference is overpowered by a wish to speak. Have we started to believe that oratory skills are a panacea for all our troubles? Have we started to believe that melodramatics public speaking will help us escape into a mindset which makes us believe that we are doing our duty by making these speeches viral?

Clicking, sharing, commenting in all online and offline modes are the only action buttons that we want to press.

Will one speech a day keep the problems away?

Or should we sing…

Speech, speech, go away.

Entertainment is not needed every day.


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Dr. Swati Lodha is an Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Parenting expert based in Mumbai. Having written Bestsellers like Come on get set go  &  Why Women are What they are, her book on Parenting will be published soon. Currently, she is running Life Lemonade which offers unique Training Programs on Life Transformation, High Performance Leadership, Women Issues and Parenting.

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