Let’s Complicate

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We have proudly created an online world parallel to our previous world to make our lives convenient and hassle free. With every new business striving to make everything available on our doorstep, our lives inside our homes must have become simpler.

We must be having a lot of time that we would have wasted in going out and buying all these electronic goods, books, groceries and gifts. We must be saving a lot of money by using coupon codes, referrals and never-before sales.

We must have become time and money rich, thanks to all apps which have gifted us options unlimited to live life apptually.

Life has become so simple. We can connect with anyone, anytime. We can order anything, anytime.

We don’t need to remember any phone numbers or ways to our favorite destinations.

We are tuned to every sound of our Smartphone, habitually checking our accounts on all important sites.

Our staple routine is to scout for new pictures, to share interesting forwards, to prove to the world that we are living an awesome life.

Do you want to know the recipe of this exclusive life which seems so simple, yet so complicated? (Could you have imagined people valuing selfies more than their lives?)

Here are the tips to attain such a complicated life:

  1. Love Options: When we love options, we feel so blessed to have it all. More becomes less for us causing excess burden on our minds to decide petty stuff.

I have never seen someone better at this than my husband.

If we are making a travel plan, he will suggest two-three destinations. As we talk about one being better than other, he will suggest air travel choices and then book tickets for minimum two airways and to two destinations.

If he is going for a shoot or an event (he is an actor!), he will keep everything extra from shoes to shades in case he changes his mind.

Since he creates innumerable complications in travel and sartorial domain, he always has a one dish meal.

Though explosion of choices help us sometimes to get exactly what we want, most of the time, it overwhelms us so much that it induces stress.

Author of “The Paradox of Choice: Why more is less”, Barry Schwartz says that choice helps to a certain extent but after a point, choice starts to be not only unproductive but also counterproductive – a source of pain, regret, worry about missed opportunities and unrealistic high expectations.

Think for yourself: Less is more or more is less.

  1. Pretend: To keep up the image of an awesome life, we pretend to others as well as to ourselves. To show a high coolness quotient, we create a persona who has best of experiences with celebrities in perfect locations. Being honest and straightforward is derogatory and uncool. Almost all my colleagues and friends tell me to color my hair as they find it so awkward that I have never thought of coloring my grey hair. There is nothing special in it but pretending to look young is a weird norm. Isn’t it beautiful to age gracefully?

Think for yourself: Will you admire a rainbow or apply make up to it?

  1. Try to make everyone happy: For exponential networking and followers building, we can’t afford to say no. It is important for us to be a part of as many events as possible. Over commitment cannot be avoided as one ego bruise can wound you deeply. The more we stretch ourselves to keep everyone happy, the more they expect from us. The more they expect, the more pressurized we feel to perform.

Think for yourself: When you try to keep everyone happy, you certainly end up unhappy.

How about trying to actually simplify our lives by loving openly, communicating clearly, forgiving honestly and living freely?


Dr. Swati Lodha is an Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Parenting expert based in Mumbai. Having written Bestsellers like Come on get set go  &  Why Women are What they are, her book on Parenting will be published soon. Currently, she is running Life Lemonade which offers unique Training Programs on Life Transformation, High Performance Leadership, Women Issues and Parenting.

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