Technology for MOMs – Learn to Post a Review on Amazon


Technology has become our bestie these days. We use our phones, our laptops not only to connect with people but to conduct our businesses. This post is for all women who are scared of learning how to use simple technologies to connect better, to earn better.

Today, this post will teach you how to Post a review on Amazon as a customer. If you buy a Smartphone or a Body Lotion or a Book, post your experience in the form of a review.

Your review helps others to make informed choices and gradually you become a reputed reviewer.

This is what you need to do.


  • Please make an amazon account by visiting

If you already have an amazon account (you will surely have one if you have ordered something from Amazon), please log in.


  • In the uppermost horizontal empty space mention the name of the product that you want to review.


  • It will take you to the product page. After the product details, you see a tab called ‘’Write a Product Review’’. On clicking, you will see five stars. Give the number of stars you want to give to the product and as soon as you are done. A box for writing the review will open.


  • Write in the box and you can insert the product link too.


  • Write a headline of the review in the next box and submit.



  • The top right space will show your name as Amazon Customer. You might change it to your name by clicking the ‘Change” button.


  • Logout after receiving ‘Thanks for your review’.

You will get a thank you mail from Amazon in your inbox for writing your customer review.



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My Self-Publishing Journey Begins…

picccccAfter publishing three books in our traditional ways with fair amount of success in terms of books sales and readers appreciation, I have finally reinvented my writing journey.

I chose the transition because:

1. Traditional publishers try to make you feel like they are doing a great favor to you by publishing the book. You feel petty and inconsequential, more so if you are a non-fiction author.

 2. Traditional publishers are slow and editing takes forever. I had a bitter experience with a known publishing house which very quickly signed on the dotted line and then kept changing editors on the manuscript for six months. After that, they informed me that they are short of editors and will need time. They dilly dallied throughout the contract period of one and a half year with an apology email sent to me. 

3. The royalties paid as peanuts make you feel that you write only because you want to. You pay to your publisher even to buy your own books. My first book sold more than a lakh of copies with a national award but I still need to buy my own books (at a discounted price) for my workshops.

4. Self-publishing has empowered me as an author and I have connected with an amazing set of authors who have become self-publishing phenomena in their respective categories.

I am new in this space and I am waiting to explore this new space with my book “DON’T RAISE YOUR CHILDREN, RAISE YOURSELF”. As soon as I upload it next week on Amazon, I will discover new readers and a whole new digital world. Though the number of e-book readers in India is very less, I am hopeful that my book will appeal to a global audience and I won’t miss the traditional publishing.

Waiting for a redemption, I am already writing my next one.