Dear Sania and every Indian Girl


My Latest article on Famous Parenting published on 22nd July, 2016

I just bought your autobiography ‘Ace against odds’ yesterday and finished it this morning. In twenty four hours, while going through your journey, I felt like being in many different shoes. I felt like your mother when I began, I could feel the consistent, effortful drive of your father, I felt like India – our country and of course, I tried to feel your determination, your fears, your quests and your responses.

Every Indian child and his/her parents should read it so that we can have more happy, confident and responsible adults for future.

Decision of Your Parents:

When your parents decided to come back from USA after spending a year there, you were barely four years old. But the decision revolved around you. They felt that they would be able to give you a better life (swimming, skating, badminton classes) in India.

You could have achieved the same results living in USA too, given your talent and determination, but your parents decided keeping your happiness in mind. There were no big dreams attached, there were no expectations being nurtured. Since you were an ‘outdoor child’ who loved to play, they wanted you to be happy learning these games. It is so essential for parents to observe their children, their interests and let them explore those areas.

Support from Parents

Your mother spent a lot of her time with you in your initial years and that presence has been the most valuable in boosting up your morale and confidence. Having one of your parents by your side must have had a reassuring and calming effect on you.

The discipline and dedication of practising every-day at a young age, balancing school work and other activities prepared you for your future hectic schedules. The vision of your father that ‘impossible feats could be achieved’ is heartening. He believed in you, stood by you and mentored you. That is commendable. But what struck me as a parent and a leader was his words during the break of your Wimbledon Doubles Final last year.

It was a divine moment in the third set when you and Martine Hingis were at 5-all and the covering of the roof (as it was getting dark) took you to green room.Without losing his calm, he told you “This is an unbelievable final. You both should be proud of the way you have fought back. Irrespective of what happens in the rest of the match, nobody can take away this from you. So go there, enjoy and give your best.” This is what most parents fail to do. They induce fear at crucial moments and make success/winning as the ultimate goal which is so detrimental in the long run. Let me accept it: I am a greater fan of your parents than you. They are amazing human beings and superb parents. More power to their breed.

Love For Tennis

You loved tennis – that’s how it all started. The fame, the awards & rewards, the media frenzy are all by-products of your passion – focussed, consistent and brutal. I call it brutal as it costed injuries, surgeries on the physical level and many necessary and unnecessary upheavals on the psychological level. Since “I love tennis” echoes in your ears, throbs in your heart and gives you goose bumps even today, you are a little legend, little in age and legend in achievements.

Destiny, talent, hard work and circumstances prepare a unique concoction for all of us. The difference between a losing and winning outcome is a very thin line.

Success and fame is incidental. Your success is not as inspiring as your consistent hard work. I salute your acute determination to come back from the brink each time you were written off or you wanted to hang your boots.

Thank you for inspiring so many by living a life laced with conviction and confidence. Continue on the same lines, little legend. Your ace against odds is needed and that too badly.


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