I can thrive for two months on a compliment.

Emoji.pngI did not say it. Mark Twain did.

When he said it, he must have believed in it because compliments were gems – rare and gleaming.

Compliments were not emojis – omnipresent

We compliment and get complimented with the same speed as Virat scores his IPL runs. Art of Complimenting has lost its charm when we dole them out like popcorn.

My parents always believed that their parents never appreciated or complimented them which was the right way. They never expected a pat on their backs from their parents who considered it a sure road to failure for their children.

I remember arguing with my parents on many occasions that it was unfair that they found faults but never appreciated anything. I would give an arm and a leg to receive a compliment from my Mom.

I would give up everything but will never receive a compliment from my mother in law. Her iconic compliment that I have received on cooking a dish is “This is not bad”. It has never reached “good” and it never will.

I remember the joy of counting number of “Good” and “Excellent” mentioned in our notebooks. That was two decades ago. In my daughter’s school, her report cards are full of praise and criticism if any, lurks on periphery ambushed in positive words.

If you read all the twelve zodiac signs’ daily forecast for a week, you will get the same feeling as you get after reading the analytical report cards of all children of a class.

Compliments encourage us and brighten our mood but Mr. Twain would have revoked his statement after looking at our smartphones laden with virtual and verbal appreciation.

Let us compliment sparingly or apologise to Mr. Twain. I can’t survive on these raining emojis even for a minute.

What do you think?


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