Parenting & Leadership: Cultivate a Culture


We imbibe so many thoughts and modes of behavior from people around us in childhood. It helps a great deal if we get clear and consistent ways to live in our formative years.

Having norms and values, principles and rules provide a pivot to our lives. Families rich on creating a culture of their own, bond better and stay closer.

A family which believes in praying and staying grateful will ensure that children practice it. I owe a lot of my family culture to my parents who were very giving and encouraging to all.

Creating a culture embedded in values like honesty, perseverance, equality, self respect, wisdom will give deep, positive roots to children.

Parents are responsible for creating an atmosphere soaked in such terminal values for kids. The beauty of culture is in its repetitiveness which gives security and happiness.

Each organisation needs to work hard on creating a culture from its very inception.

Older conglomerates like Tatas and GE can boast of cultural values which contributed immensely to their stature in the business.

A clear envisioning and communicating of organisational culture helps in attracting the right talent to the company where individual values can match up with organisational values.

Just like a family, an organisation needs to have stable and enduring  set of values.With time, circumstances require some change in instrumental values but terminal / universal values remain the same.



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