Level 5 Leadership in Family


When Jim Collins researched 1435 Fortune 500 Companies on seven parameters to find ‘great’ companies from ‘good’ companies, he found 11 companies which showed elements of greatness.

Eleven out of 1435 companies is around 0.007%. Quality of Leadership cannot be judged at that time. It makes more sense historically when we look back after a decade or so to assess the impact of leadership on the wellness of an organisation.

Similarly, parenting cannot be assessed in the present. It makes more sense when we look back and ask our adult children about impact of our parenting skills on their wellness.

Can level 5 leadership practiced at home, turn good families to great families?

Can we create a level 5 hierarchy at home to make step by step growth as an individual, then a spouse and finally as a parent.

Level 5

Great Parents

Building enduring greatness and legacy as a family with humility and ferocious will

 Level 4

Effective Parents

Consistent upgradation for better performance as parents, stimulating each other for cohesion and achieving long term family goals

Level 3

Competent Family Managers

Organising resources and strengthening willingness to prepare for becoming parents. Aligning long term goals with a planned parental shift

Level 2

Contributing Spouse / Contributing to Home (If Single)

Developing competence to work as a team of two, forming a family vision, strengthening the bond, working on duo dynamics

Level 1

Highly Capable Individual

Who has talent, value system and discipline

Level 1 requires an individual to be capable before starting a new family. He/She should possess a personal value system, balanced attitude and behavior with ethical habits and professional skills.

At level 2, two people come together to form an alliance for life. They become a two member team contributing to matrimony. This level requires fine tuning of personal objectives to make place for shared objectives. This level requires a mental shift for the two people who plan to start a new life together.

At level 3, the duo prepares for another shift as they find out if they have an emotion called parenting. If they find this emotion, they prepare themselves for the next role by allocating resources and aligning their personalities for the same. It is utmost important to prepare beforehand.

Level 4 requires periodic assessment of parenting skills so that up-gradation of knowledge, soft skills can be done. Various stages of child development need various parenting styles and parentability skills. Good families evolve to reach this level. Parents raise themselves before raising their children.

Level 5 transforms good families into great families as parents exhibit paradoxical qualities of humility and fierce will power. Only a few families will reach to this level because it is very difficult to get a mother father team who manifest deep humility and strong will power.

If they exemplify these traits, families become legendary as they earn respect & admiration for their achievements. They inspire awe and follower-ship for creating a cohesive family unit comprising of affectionate and confident children.

We need to work on parameters that would classify great families or family leaders over a period of thirty to fifty years.

Birla Family


Dr. Swati Lodha is an Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Parenting expert based in Mumbai. Having written Bestsellers like Come on get set go  &  Why Women are What they are, her book on Parenting will be published soon. Currently, she is running Life Lemonade which offers unique Training Programs on Life Transformation, High Performance Leadership, Women Issues and Parenting.

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How to create real legacy as a Parent and Leader?

DSC_8281.JPGConcept of immortality doesn’t take away our desire to leave a legacy behind. Apart from our good – bad memories etched in the minds and hearts of people still living, we leave behind our children, our ideas, our businesses, our physical / artistic creations.

What should we give to our children as a true legacy? What should we give to our society, our organisations as a memento of ours which they can’t dump in the backyard of their minds, never to retrieve?

Mark Zuckerberg, as a new parent, gave away 99% of his Facebook shares, worth $45 billion to philanthropy and wrote a letter to the newborn (actually to all of us), “Our society has an obligation to invest now to improve the lives of all those coming into this world”

Though the detractors are calling it a tax adjustment move, I appreciate the action as a parent and as a leader.

The narrow approach of Indian parents to accumulate more and more for their own children has made us self centric, oblivious to our own surroundings. If we could give a problem solving attitude to our kids and encourage them to believe in their unlimited competency to solve any world problem, it would be far more valuable than amassing unlimited wealth for them which would render them unproductive and prone to family feuds.

The attitude of gratitude embedded in our organizational culture can create a cohesive society where social responsibility of business would not be a compulsion but an emotion.

The phenomenal work being done by Azim Premji Foundation or the village transformation being brought by Vineet Nayar’s Sampark Foundation will leave behind a better legacy than the profit and loss account of their respective organisations.

A business house in Rajasthan runs a specialty hospital in their village. The owner of this group told me that his mother always wishes him good luck for the hospital. “May your hospital flourishes and you make a chain of these village hospitals” is her favorite blessing, he says.

The wellbeing of business is inherent in this blessing. What better footprints can be left on the sand of time?