A beautiful evening with my daughter

Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

Last Saturday was a revelation for me.I had wanted to see the movie “the help” for long.My daughter had seen me reading the book and talking about Kathryn Stockett and the book to my friends.Last Saturday ,my daughter was watching “The spy next door”(for the third time..?) and she saw that “The Help” was about to begin on another channel.

She weighed the idea of letting go of her own movie by informing me about it or maintaining the Status Quo(she revealed it to me later) and decided to tell me.I was thrilled to watch the movie.My daughter sat beside me for a while and I expected her to leave as I didn’t think that the movie would appeal to an eleven year old.Surprisingly, she persisted, got hooked, asked   many questions and sobbed at the end of it.

I hugged her and talked about the issues raised in the movie and she said,’This was the Best evening, Mum.”