Technology for MOMs – Create your Digital Presence

Technology for Moms.jpgNothing has helped woman more in last decade than this great enabler called technology. Nothing has opened more frontiers for women in last few years than a magical opening through a tap or a click.

Men could always go out any time, reach out to new set of acquaintances and friends, communicate informally and reap benefits of all such associations while women would be fulfilling their domestic responsibilities full time or after office hours.

Even working women would get to meet a particular set of colleagues only and be a part of some coffee break gossip.

Not anymore.

Technology is the greatest leveller if used judiciously.

It is the greatest gift for every woman, especially mothers.

If you want to ask why, read on:

  • Confidence booster: When young mothers are busy changing diapers, their world shrinks to the cries and sleep patterns of the baby. As they spend more time with the baby, they begin to feel out of touch with the rest of the world.

Not anymore.

The digital world is at their fingertips and keeps them aware and involved. They don’t feel that the whole world has said good bye to them and moved on while they were singing lullabies. It gives so much of confidence to be in the thick of things and not feel ‘written off’.

  •  Opportunity Giver: When mothers are busy raising their toddlers, they want to keep their ‘individuality fire’ burning. It used to be full of guilt pangs in office or frustrated siestas at home. First one to three years of young mothers can be utilised through online courses to learn new interests or expand the existing interests. Visit Udacity/Coursera/EDX and explore a new world of opportunities.

  • Unifier: Business opportunities through networking online have infused women with new freedom.

Blogging, selling products, forming groups online, teaching through webinars are some of the working options which engage women completely and offer satisfaction. Online shopping if used judiciously can save a lot of unproductive time.

While I rave about a positive tryst with technology, I cannot forget the unnecessary use of social networking sites which has become an addiction, a lifestyle menace.

Dear Moms, use technology not to forward recycled, overused and futile messages but to improve your lives.

Use technology not to post innumerable pictures and click ‘react’ button but to create your digital presence.

I will talk about creating your digital presence in the next post.





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