iD Trusts by ID Fresh Food – Lessons in Trust

iD Trust

This is a phenomenal move by “I D Fresh Food” the ready–to–eat food company founded by P. C. Musthafa.

The company has installed visi-coolers at various places in Bangalore to allow consumers to buy products like idli-dosa batter, wheat parathas. The twist is – Pay the price by dropping it in the box placed there or pay it when you have. There is neither a salesman nor a camera.

These are trust shops and they want to install the same in other cities.

Not only this, they don’t want to patent the idea. Rather, they want other companies to follow suit to start a TRUST MOVEMENT.

Trust is one of the most valuable characteristics traits of a human being. It is very reassuring to know people who trust you. It is very empowering to have people whom we can trust. Our capacity to trust gets challenged often in times of today.

I remember reading a  Readers Digest survey a few years ago which highlighted different trust rates in different Indian Cities.

A step to reinforce with a hope to transform it into a movement is certainly welcome.

Results of this initiative will be enriching to witness.

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