‘No Balls’ and ‘Rally Catches’ of Life

Team India.jpg

Life is so full of surprises like the match between India and West Indies.

1. When the beginning is good, we start believing that well begun is half done. This is good in theory but it might teach you to not be so sure of yourself till the end.

2. Anyone can go wrong: The very dependable Indian off Spinner R. Ashwin has a remarkable track record that he has not been penalised for a ‘no ball’ in Test Cricket, something only 19 other players have done in Test Cricket.

But he overstepped in a T20 match and his ‘no ball’ changed the course of the match.

3. Success is incidental: The talented and young Jasprit Bumrah must have learnt the lesson well today. He taught us that earning a catch is not enough. Our success depends upon many factors. Which are not in our control. Should we take ourselves that seriously then?

4. Repeating a mistake is a crime: Ashwin oversteps and delivers a ‘no ball’. After few minutes, Hardik Pandya does the same. Repeating the same mistake is not acceptable and the sooner we learn this lesson, the better it is.

5. Some things are not meant to be: ‘Positive Acceptance’ is a deep learning out of the incidents that happened during the match.

It is rare to miss two ‘catch out’ players on ‘no balls.’ As if this was not enough, Jadeja and Virat tried their level best to catch the ball but Jadeja foot touched the boundary.

A would be catch transformed into a six, we need to read between the lines.

We must factor in the divine will. No matter how much we push, some things are just not meant to be.

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