Lee Kuan Yew: A visionary leader and a balanced father

Lee Kuan Yew

When asked “What are the things important to you in your life” he answered, “My Family and My Country”

Lee Kuan Yew, first P.M. of Singapore who transformed Singapore, never shifted to official Sri Temasek residence after becoming P.M as he didn’t want to give his children ‘a false sense of life’.

They lived in a humble house which didn’t even have a shower till 2003.

He looked up to his mother, his three younger brothers and a sister looked up to him and he was proud of his two sons and a daughter.

Lee Kuan Yew and his wife won Queen’s scholarship and studied law at Cambridge & formed their firm Lee & Lee. Both were ideal in 63 years long marriage, always communicating with each other

After Mrs. Lee fell ill in 2003 & was bed ridden, he made it a point to read to her, her favorite poems & books every night. He would leave dinner at 10, saying – I have to read to Choo now.

His children say that he suggested stuff but was never pushy. He would advise, nudge along which worked sometimes & didn’t work sometimes. His oldest son is P.M. since 2004 who went to Harvard & the younger son went to Stanford.

Lee Kuan Yung was extremely thrifty and had no reference of his financial position. He wasn’t interested in material things, didn’t collect anything, and used the same jacket for more than 20 years.

Isn’t he an example of being excellent as a leader as well as a father? His vision to transform Singapore from a zero resource nation to a proud part of developed countries was remarkable and his vision to raise three responsible, independent and  competent children is out there reflected in his three children.


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