3 Things that ‘Parent in you’ should learn from ‘Leader in you’

Parent & Leader

There are certain skills that leaders use meticulously in their organisations but fail to use fully at homes. Skills that play the most important role in making of a leader can substantially improve parenting skills as well.

Three such prominent skills are:

1.Vision and Goal setting- A leader is expected to have a vision for his organisation which he visualizes before his team to set goals and which allows the team to set the targets. In a family, we need to have a family vision- what kind of family do we want to become?

As a leader, we set goals objectively, mutually and timely for all the tasks. As a parent, let us ask ourselves- Do we impose goals on children? Do we force our kids to chase targets? Are we rushing their childhood by setting unrealistic or too many targets? Without a vision, children get short term targets and do not get trained in setting personal, academic and social goals.

Some goals for the family could be:

  • To have a healthy family.
  • To have financial resources to fulfill personal goals of all the family members.
  • To raise happy, independent and responsible children.
  • To maintain proper communication among family members.
  • To have memorable time with family.

2.Decision making-Leaders need to make decisions in uncertainty,without adequate information, under stress. It may cause fight between emotion and reason. Consequently, leaders need to possess emotional intelligence to take right decisions.

As parents, every decision is a dilemma as we are stressed a lot for the well being of our children. It is important for us to make a balanced use of intuition and informed choices. taking a decision becomes more difficult as we spoil ourselves silly with options. The more options we have, the more problematic decision taking becomes.

3.Communication- What is the quickest way to lose trust? Bad communication. Every leader needs to be an engaging conversationalist who is spontaneous and authentic. A team believes in a leader who connects to his team effortlessly, especially in difficult times which is possible through effective communication.

Every parent needs to hone his communication skills as a strategist to communicate with children during different phases of childhood. There are so many things which should never be said to children but parents use them very often without thinking about the impact on children. Crisp, clear and concrete communication with timely repetition is the key.



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