Can “Leader in me” learn from “Parent in me?”

Can you ever imagine that many talented people excelling in a particular skill or sport do so when they bring some unique practices from some other skill/sport/discipline which gives them a special edge over their fellow mates.

We all know about the collective talent of Brazilian soccer players with five world cup victories under their belt. Not only the star team, but there are hundreds of Brazilian players also who are signed up every year by European clubs. But how does this happen.

In this book, “The Talent Code”, Daniel Coyle explains the reason. He says that Brazilians played a strange game called Futsal which resembled. Soccer where the ball was half the size but weighted twice as much, the ground was the size of basketball court and each side had five or six players.

This game helps players to improve ball control, very quick passing of ball and vision.

Playing Futsal for thousands of hours as kids turn Brazilians into world class soccer players.


Z-boys emerged suddenly in the world of Skateboarding as champions in 1975 in California. They skated in a way no one had ever seen. Research found out that these boys were dedicated ocean surfers who logged hundreds of hours on their boards. Not only this, Z boys found a lot of empty swimming pools around Bel Air and Beverly Hills at that time. They practiced on the steep curved walls of the pool which required whole body coordination and superb concentration as the result could only be to fly high or fall hard.

Ocean surfing and empty swimming pool rides turned Z boys into exceptional skateboarders.

Manjul Bhargava, a star Mathematician who recently won Fields Medal owes his mathematical intelligence to his love for music. Drawing a parallel between Fibonacci numbers and tabla beats, he feels that music has sharpened his mathematical skills.

If Futsal can help Football, ocean surfing can improve Skateboarding, music can simplify mathematics, “Parent in me” can surely help, improve and enhance the “Leader in me”.


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