Parenting and Leadership: The Connecting Link

Is your behavior as a parent at home is in sync with your behavior as a leader.

We all play different roles at different places in our lives. Some of us function with the help of clear principles in their minds about everything they do while some rather most of us function as per the situation.

There are people who do not get affected by others or situations and stick to their thoughts and value system. A person who is self motivated and believes in encouraging others will encourage his family at home and team members at work place.

There could be people who encourage their children at home but are passive at the workplace as the team members don’t interest them much.

Mahatma Gandhi transformed our country by being a committed social leader but his Parenting Skills suffocated his children. A person who influenced the majority of Indians and gave them a purpose could not ignite any positivity in his own children.

Lord Rama is worshiped as Perfection Personified in our culture. He is the socio-political leader with the cleanest conscience. While serving his motherland, he sent his own wife in exile where she delivered twins. Did the greatest leader of India succeed as a parent?

In today’s time, it is really essential for us to be leaders who succeed at workplace as well as at home.

If Barrack and Michelle Obama can balance their act as leaders of a country like USA and parents to their daughters, it is worthier than becoming a tycoon with a dysfunctional and uninspiring family.

We need to lead our families and workplace with balance, patience and discipline.The best practices of Parenting, if tied in seamlessly with effective leadership can help us succeed on both fronts.

Let us pick up Love, Patience and Discipline from our homes and take them to our workplace.

Let us ferry some Goal Setting, Communication Skills and Decision Making from workplace to our homes.

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