Are you the parent for whom the childish tail ends up wagging the parental dog?

YES parents fail to figure out how and when to say no to their children.They not only allow their kids to indulge but also become a part of it themselves.Children are allowed to have booze parties at home as yes parents feel that it is better to have them at home in front of their eyes rather than have it at some faraway, notorious resort.

Without being judgmental or preachy,I wish to tell the yes parents to decide where to draw a line.It feels really good to be a nice and not a nasty parent but it is not always in the best interest of your child,

Aren’t we guilty of raising impulsive and indisciplined children who have absolutely unrealistic expectations from the world as they call all the shots at home.

Just think, isn’t it better to live in the present but with a vision for the future of your children.


2 comments on “Are You a YES PARENT?

  1. Shivani Jain says:

    My daughter is just 2 yrs and on reading this article i feel yes we as parents may not know where to draw the line . at this age my daughter is very stubborn and does only what she wishes to do . all modes of explanation seem to fail. i tried scolding her , loving her , trying to make her understand but nothing seems to work. situation is getting worse and she is getting undisciplined everyday. pls advice how to get things in order


    • drswatilodha says:

      Hi Shivani,
      YOU are passing through the terrible twos syndrome.Read a book”The price of privilege”by Medelene Levine and it will help you to figure out what a 2 year old is like.
      Have patience but don’t give in to her crying and howling as a 2 year old is very repetitive.She knows how you will give in to her tantrums.Good Luck and keep reading.


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