If you went out for a three day holiday and your child missed school, he would have some school work backlog.would you do the work for him?

If your 10 year old is not able to adjust with one of his new classmates, would you write a note to the class teacher?

If you teenaged daughter gets into an argument on the school bus,would you start dropping her to school?

I admit, Iam a bulletproof parent and I am not proud of it.

Bulletproof Parents want to give a problem free life to their children by trying to sweep away all the problems from their path.They protect their children in the initial years, shield them during the tween age, start spying in the teen years and try to somehow remain relevant when they turn professional.

Dear bulletproof parents, don’t hold them so tightly close that they don’t fall at all.When they grow up, they will neither let you hold them nor will know how to balance themselves.YOU love your children immensely and you are very dependable too.

would you like to see children who are risk averse , indecisive and dependent, who neither innovate nor initiate?

2 comments on “Are You a BULLETPROOF PARENT?

  1. Shivani Jain says:

    Absolutely an eye opener. But even on knowing the fact it becomes difficult to control oneself as a parent. I want my daughter to learn how to be independent but somehow i end up managing everything for her. please give an insight on how to put on check on this while ensuring everything will be ok for the KID


  2. This is something i have never ever read.very detailed analysis.


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