Moon Parenting helps you to find out your predominant parenting style.

I recently met a mother who had bought a$360 Burberry coat for her 10 year old.I asked her if she didn’t find it expensive as she would outgrow it soon.She simply said that she valued her child more than money .

Ask yourself if you consider Exclusive and Expensive as the best. The best here means the costliest brand.

When designer parents say that we give to our children nothing but the best, they are actually saying that we are spending the biggest chunk of our earning on our children and all that is best can be bought.

When kids get everything in abundance, they are being deprived of two experiences-the longing for things that encourages to work harder and the appreciation for our possessions that make us humble.

Immersed in ads, obsessed with best deals, enamored by discount offers, the designer parents are producing materially rich kids.

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