Are you a ‘SUPER PARENT’?

Have you ever tried to find out your parenting style.Diana Baumrind had given us three parenting styles in the 1970’s but I find them too compartmentalized for the present.I have tried to divide parenting styles into seven broad flexible styles, namely, SUPER PARENTS, DESIGNER PARENTS,BULLETPROOF PARENTS, YES PARENTS, POLARISED PARENTS, ISLAND PARENTS and finally, MOON PARENTS.

Let me focus on a Super Parent today.Super Parents are obsessed with achievement.For them , only outcome matters.They value discipline and persistence as they believe in the effort model of achievement.

Their packed-in parenting style praises activity fullness and ensure that the children have their plates full with various activities.Moreover,it is difficult for them to face failure of any degree.

Analyse yourself if you are doing the same to your child. My Mom was an unadulterated Super Parent who thrived on academic achievement.In a Math test of fifty marks,she would expect me to get fifty marks.Her calculation was simple.If I obtained a forty nine,she would not talk to me for a day.if i got a forty eight, she would not talk to me for two days.Well, to be honest, I don’t know how it would have been had I scored less than forty eight because I could never bring myself to the level of scoring less than that.

If you are also obsessed with performance and perfection,think again.You might be raising competent wizards but they would always be under super pressure to perform.The children might also become socially conceited if they start believing that academic achievement is a licence to anything that they desire.


Balance your life by showing the disciplined path as well as a preparedness to face failures.

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