Parenting is a perennial emotion…

Parenting has a beginning but no end.

Like moonlight,it is forever…
We may alter our marital status but we can never alter our parental status.
Parenting is not a skill possessed by parents.It is an emotion which one may or may not have .Emotion is a source of energy that makes our mind work.Anyone who has the parenting emotion feels like a parent,irrespective of whether he/she is a biological parent or not.
Parenting is a perennial responsibility gifted by nature to love, observe, encourage, empathize with and guide children.
Parenting is loving children without any condition.
Parenting is observing children without any prejudice.
Parenting is encouraging children without any comparison.
Parenting is empathizing with children without any suggestion.
Parenting is guiding children without any expectation.

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