Moon Parents have a crescendo presence in the lives of their children

English: Lunar libration. see below for more d...

English: Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions Français : Librations de la lune. Voir une description détaillée en dessous. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though the Moon doesn’t slice itself away or grow the slices back,people on the earth see it as waxing and waning.Similarly,moon parents don’t lose focus but they make their children feel their presence in their lives as waxing and waning.
Presence of the moon parents in the beginning years of their child resembles the FULL MOON PHASE.As the child grows up,presence of the moon parents move towards the WANING GIBBOUS PHASE(three fourth moon).The child sees their presence reducing and his freedom rising while the parents keep their presence intact by being observant.
By the time the child enters the tween age,moon parents enter the LAST QUARTER PHASE(half moon),They let the child take minor decisions by subtly guiding him to choose the right alternative.They hand over the physical reins to the child while keeping the mental reins with them.
As the child enters college, the presence of moon parents reaches the WANING CRESCENT PHASE (one fourth moon) in his eyes.He becomes more self reliant and self confident while the parents hang on as a moral compass, as a shock absorber and as a warning bell in this precarious phase.
Presence of the moon parents reach a NEW MOON PHASE(zero moon) once the child becomes financially and emotionally independent.In west,it happens early and in east,this phase might pass with a blink but this this phase should come for some time to ascertain how a child fares in life with the help of wisdom accumulated over the years sans the active guidance of the parents.
Parenting becomes a joyride from the next phase when the moon parents enter the WAXING CRESCENT PHASE(one fourth moon) by visiting the child or helping him in the hour of need.
The presence of the moon parents further increases when the child marries and become a parent himself.This FIRST QUARTER PHASE(half moon) can be really satisfying when the child gets his parents as grandparents for his kids.This indian family system is extremely supportive and gratifying provided the child saw his moon parents respecting, valuing and taking care of their parents.
The moon parents become an excellent bridge between their children and grandchildren as they reach the WAXING GIBBOUS PHASE(three fourth moon).
With the foundation of right values and a balanced lifestyle, the moon parents reach the FULL MOON PHASE in their twilight years.


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