Moon Parenting is all about balance

We love extremes.Extreme thoughts and extreme behavior are sensational.That is why, Tiger Parenting is widely discussed and Serenity Parenting also proclaims its increasing relevance.
Tiger Parenting is all about persistent effort on the part of parent to derive excellence (read Perfection) out of the child while Serenity Parenting is all about serenity on the part of the parent as they can’t influence their children in the long run.Parents should accept that the lives of their children are shaped by their genes and not by involvement of their parents.

I believe that we need more balance in our lives than to get enamored by these extremes.

Moon Parenting is all about balance.The Moon stays up in the sky because it is in a stable orbit around the earth.The Moon is pulled towards the Earth by Earth’s gravity, but because it is so far away and is moving so fast around the Earth, it will never fall down.If the Moon were moving any slower,gravity would pull it down since the Moon is travelling at the right speed and right distance, it survives beautifully.
Moon Parenting strikes a balance between the internal temperament of the child and the external parenting style,giving equal importance to both.
Moon means Patience,Discipline and Balance.
Patient parents, disciplined parents and balanced parents are Moon Parents… 

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