I will continue today with what I was talking about earlier i.e principles to improve the ability of parents to parent their children – the ParentAbility principles.After discussing the first five principles in the last post, let me proceed further.
6.Develop a liking for consistent learning and consistent up gradation.
Parents,specially mothers, feel a lot of boredom and stagnation in their repetitive lives.Rather than finding routine stale, learn consistently to improve upon the routine tasks as well as your learning horizons.
believe me, our children love repetitions in life.They love to read the same comics, watch the same advertisements and share the same family anecdotes.Repitition is fun and necessary.
What will happen the day the moon or the sun will get bored of their routine?
7. Show.Exemplify.
This principle is closest to my heart as I find it to be having maximum influence on our kids.
      LIE, if you want your child to lie.
      CRY, if you want your child to cry.
      TRY, if you want your child to try.
8.Master the ability to have clear, crisp and concrete communication with your child.
Communicate clearly what is moral, what is not,what is illegal, what is not,what is acceptable,what is not.
Respond concretely to the choices your child makes and voice your opinions crisply in all matters.
9.Love yourself the way you are.
It is very important for us to be happy and proud of our family as a unit.
Say YES to self respect and self motivation.
Say NO to criticism and comparison.
10. Develop the attitude to show gratitude.
We must prepare a DTA-Daily Thank you Agenda-to thank everyone who makes our life livable and enrich it in one way or the other.



  1. Rajat says:

    The blog looks really good Ma’am. All my college friends are already r soon converting into young parents so this would be a handy resource. Also as uncle-to-be I can also pick up some tips 🙂


  2. A says:

    Parenting is a 20 year job, that is when everything goes right!


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