10 tips for becoming effective parents -Part 1

For becoming effective parents, it is essential to to improve one’s ability to parent i.e ParentAbility.
I, as a parenting coach, have developed 10 Parentability Principles which will enable the parents to become MOON PARENTS-Patient, Disciplined and Balanced.
1.A child doesn’t demand to be born.You chose to have a child.
   so, ask yourself-Why do/did you want to have children?
   After getting an answer , check your ability ti be a pillar of patience, encouragement and discipline for the first two decades of parenthood and your ability to be a reservoir of love and care forever.

2.Prepare yourself to have a Crescendo presence in the lives of your children.
   Close your eyes to visualize a full moon gradually waning into a waning gibbous phase (3/4th Moon), followed by a half Moon and a waning crescent phase (1/4th Moon) before reaching the new moon phase.Parents should also gradually  change their presence in the lives of their children in the same fashion as Moon.Just the way Moon waxes again after a new moon ,they should also reappear in the lives of their children post adulthood, when the children themselves get married or have children.Their presence reaches a full moon phase again in their twilight years.

3.Develop your ability to disambiguate your childhood memories.
Dont assume that your childhood was impoverished while your child has all the luxuries.Parents are prone to having selective memories of their own childhood where they conveniently forget their misdeeds, tantrums and hurt caused to the parents.
Please remember from your childhood that you were not the perfect child who was the best academic performer, best sportsperson or a social leader.And even if you were , your child is not you.

4.Improve the ability to strike a balance in your life.
When the lives of parents is deeply immersed in lifestyle imbalance, emotional imbalance, moral imbalance and financial imbalance, there is a meagre possibility of raising children who can live and love a balanced life.

5.Improve your ability to admit your mistakes and to take yourself lightly.


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